Project Ara smartphones to run on modified Android L with ability of module hot-swapping, launching in early 2015

The Project Ara will be released much earlier than expected as the Head of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko has confirmed that it will have a release date in early 2015 at the Linaro Connect USA 2014 conference lately. He also revealed that the first fully functional prototype of the initiative will be showcased at the second Ara developer conference slated to happen this December.

Project Ara

In addition to these details, it has been confirmed that the first Ara smartphone will run on a tailored version of the Android L platform along with the support for modular hot swapping. The concept of hot swapping of modules on Ara phones indicate that the users can replace the modules of the device expect for the display and processor. Interestingly, it is even possible to change the modules of battery and camera even when the user is in between a call or while texting.

Well, the components will be made available via on online store like the Play Store and users can get the modules of their choice and fit them in their smartphones body called Endo that is the barebones form of the Project Ara and it is nothing but a basic aluminum frame that has the networking circuitry needed for the modules of the device to interact with one another. Basically, the consumers will buy the Endo and the modules that they like to add on to it.

Eremenko also announced that the firm has partnered with Foxconn, Quanta, Toshiba, Rockchip and more to help in the development of modular phone. Some of the partners that are involved in developing the modules for Project Ara are Laird Technologies and Array labs.

Google is expected to introduce the first modular smartphone in early 2015 for an estimated pricing of $50.