LG Display roadmap reveals plans for bendable, foldable and rollable display devices by 2017

The concept of flexible displays on smartphones have been making rounds in the tech media world since many years and it was in 2013 that we saw couple of such devices with curved screens. However, the panels in the LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round were not bendable. It appears like LG Display has a plan to progress from curved displays to flexible displays.

LG Display roadmap

The newest roadmap from LG Display has been published and the firm has also detailed the Plastic OLED technology to the masses as it would enable creating bendable, foldable and rollable panels by 2017.

LG claims that the P-OLED panel was used first in the G Watch R and it is relatively thinner, slimmer and lighter than the other screens. Furthermore, it will make the panels less prone to breaking as compared to glass OLED and LCD panels.

LG Display believes that the P-OLED panels are capable of playing an important role in the future. Also, it revealed that the LG G Flex will be getting a sequel next year and that this next generation model will come with a bendable screen.

Also, in 2017, it appears like the firm will rollout laptops with foldable displays and tablets and TVs with rollable screens. It is expected that the P-OLED screens would arrive on usual tablets in late 2015 or 2016.