Motorola to launch affordable 4G smartphones in India in 2015

In India, Motorola popularity with the launch of the Moto G, Moto X and Moto E earlier this year and it was further successful with the instantaneous availability of the second generation Moto G and Moto X. It appears like the Lenovo acquired firm is having big plans for the Indian market as it appears to be focusing largely on the same.


In an interview with the EconomicTimes, Rick Osterloh, President and Chief Operation Officer at Motorola stated that the firm is planning to tap into the 4G market segment in the country in 2015. He stated that, "the transition to 4G would be quick as Motorola will be launching valuable 4G smartphones with 4G value proposition for end users." However, the executive did not reveal anything specific about the device that will be launched in the next year.

Notably, Motorola is the third largest smartphone maker globally after its acquisition by Lenovo. Also, it is the fifth biggest smartphone brand in the Indian market and it is aimed to become one among the top three.

The Indian smartphone market is one of the fastest growing markets lately and it has created a great interest in the tech world. The launch of the Android One smartphones in India is a clear evidence for the growth of the Indian market that has spiked interest amongst the vendors, developers and manufacturers as well.

However, the 4G market in the country is still not developed as the coverage is available only in select cities. As Motorola wants to lure users with the affordable 4G smartphones, it is clear that the vendor will be targeting at the low end smartphone users and it could probably come up with the successor of the Moto E.