TechDroid Exclusive: Sony Xperia Z Launching in India on 7th March, Confirmed [ Update - 2 ]

Thursday, February 21, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Sony Xperia Z, the Best Smartphone of CES 2013 is going to land in India on 7th March. We are very happy to get this Information Confirmed from Our Special Sources. We Already published about the Info of Xperia Z to Launch in India in 1st Week of March & yes Sony has Planned to Launch the Newest Flagship, Xperia Z in India on 7th March in New Delhi.

Sony Xperia Z

Update 2- Yesterday Night I viewed the via Mobile, there I saw Katrina Kaif Image Overlapping on Xperia Z. Then, Now I saw the Site via Desktop to confirm that image & the Image posted there, was not Clear. So, after Zooming out & viewing the sources, I Confirmed that Katrina Kaif will Launch the Xperia Z. This Update is just for Info. This update is just to share this News to Katrina Kaif Fans.. Next we will Update the post Tomorrow, if we get anymore Info about Xperia Z India Launch. Till then Share the Post. Also, Thanks for Awesome Response on this Post. We have crosses 1800+ Views on this post in just 3 Days. That's a Big Deal for TechDroid, as it is Newly Launched TechSite. Do Like Us on FaceBook, Follow Us on Twitter & Circle Us on Google+ for More Info. Not only that you can Subscribe our RSS Feed too. Below are the Images which we got from Sony India Site.

Katrina Kaif to Announce Xperia Z

Katrina Kaif to Announce Xperia Z

Katrina Kaif to Announce Xperia ZKatrina Kaif to Announce Xperia Z

Update 1 - Yesterday All the Top Tech Site posted about the arrival of Xperia Z in India on 6th March. But as you all know, TechDroid is the First to Publish this News. Not only that, Sony Also posted the Official Photo of Xperia Z to be announced on 6th March. But we already gave this news weeks Before. Now coming to the update News, we have got the News that Xperia Z will be Announced on 6th March for Public and on 7th March Private Announcement will take place, where we can have Hands-On, do Test and many more will be done on 7th March. Next Xperia Z was Actually Priced [ FIXED ] for Rs. 37,990/- . But due to the Increase of Smartphone Prices to 5-6% in #BUDGET2013, there will be a Increase of Price to Rs. 39,990/-. We are not sure about the Increase, but it is sure that Xperia Z will be Priced Rs. 37,990 for now. If there will be any Increase, the post will be updated again. Not only that we have Two more News. Xperia Z will Available from 9th or 10th March for Selected Markets. The Quantity of Xperia Z will be limited. And if you need Xperia Z in March, then you have to do Pre-order it, before 5th March to your nearby Sony Center. The Sad news is that, all the other Markets will get Xperia Z in late April. The Good News is that, Sony has also Planned the Launch of Xperia ZL & Tablet Z in India in Late March or Late April. Lets Hope for the best.

The Event of this Launch is Set to be Private. No Bloggers are allowed in the Event until Sony Sends them Private Invitations. Till now we have got info that only the News Reporters & Some Biggest Tech Specialist of India like TechGuru are only Invited in the Event. For more you can Bookmark our Site. We will give you Rest info about the Event Soon.

Now coming to the Xperia Z, it features 5-inch 1920x1080p OptiContrast Display (443 PPI) with Bravia Engine 2, 1.5GHz Quad-Core Chipset (APQ8064 + MDM9215M) with Adreno 320 Graphics Processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP Exmor RS Rear Camera, 2MP Exmor R Front-Facing Camera NFC, MHL, LTE, 16GB Internal Storage, microSD Memory Card slot and is Full Water & Dust Resistant (IP55 and IP57). Xperia Z has Tempered Glass the Front and Back, which makes its look Awesome.

We are not sure about the colors available for this Model in India, but as Expected Xperia Z will be launched in Black & White Color Models. Not only that Xperia Z will have some Pre-installed apps from Sony which will be only available for Indian Customers. Below you can see the Rest of the Info with Price Detail & New Added Apps with some Offers for Premium Customers.

We gave you a Lot of Info about the Xperia Z Launch Above, & you all must be surely waiting to know that when exactly the Xperia ZL [ Bro of Xperia Z ] will Launch. So, here is your Answer, we have been Informed that Sony Mobiles will Launch Only the Xperia Z in India on 7th March with some New Features & New offers and it will not launch the Xperia ZL.

Sony will also launch the Xperia ZL in last week of March or in first week of April. Our sources says that Sony might also launch the Xperia Z Tablet, Sony Xperia E & E-Dual during the Launch of Xperia ZL.

Now we will give you the Details of Xperia Z & its New Features in Indian Variant. First of All Xperia Z will be Priced around Rs. 40K. We have previously published about the Xperia Z pricing. We gave you the information that Xperia Z is getting its Pre-orders at a Price Tag of Rs. 40,000. And there is no more info about the pricing.

Next are the Additional Features & Advantages added in Xperia Z, specially for Indian Variant & Customers.

  • Sony will be giving a Package of 12 Lakh Songs Free Download. In this pack, we can Download 12 Lakh Songs for Free from Sony.
  • Sony will be Adding a New App named "Sony Mobile TV", in which we can see The SONY Channels Live from the App. The Mobile TV will have all the Channels which are Related to SONY like Sony, Sony Sab, Sony Max etc.
  • This is the Best Feature Sony will Add in this Model. The Feature is till now only Available in Indian Mobile Variant & the Feature is that, we can see 4 Videos at a Time using Multi-Window. This feature is best added feature till now in a Indian Flagship [ Acc. to TechDroid ].
So, above are the New Features & offers Sony will be Giving to Indian Customers. Any one who buy this Smartphone will be given the tag of "Premium Customer" from Sony. So, All these features will be only given to Premium Customers.

All the above Information about the Launch, Addition of New Features & Offer are given to Us from Top Sony Sources & TechDroid is Not Responsible if any of the Feature is Not Added. If we get more information about the Launch, we will Update this Post. So Make sure you all Bookmark this Post.
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