Images of Google Nexus 5 wrapped in Red colour leaked

Last week, we saw the first alleged image of Nexus 5 wrapped in Red colour from Vietnam. Today, a Twitter user artyomstar has shared images of whole batch of red-flavoured Nexus 5 retail boxes. The images are legit, as we can see the official markings, IMEIs, serial numbers and almost everything.

Red Nexus 5

Along with box packaging, the user has also shared some images of Red Nexus 5 out of the box. The images looks very authentic, in short confirms the existence of the phone.

Red will be the third colour for Nexus 5 after White and Black, which are already available across the globe. Google is also said to launch a yellow edition Nexus 5 in the coming weeks.

Red Nexus 5Red Nexus 5Red Nexus 5

Source - Twitter