Google Nexus 8 tablet powered by Intel Bay Trail T chip to launch in mid-2014

Google's Nexus range of devices is the one everybody looks forward to when it comes to raw performance. Its Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 have performance powerhouse written all over them and the tablet is all set to get a successor cum sibling by mid 2014. Google is believed to be working on the Nexus 8 tablet which will have an Intel chipset as its heart and will be made by Asus.


According to Digitimes sources, Google will ditch the Qualcomm chipsets and opt for Intel’s Bay Trail T Platform to power the next generation of Nexus tablets. However, Qualcomm is believed to be pushing hard to win the order from Intel, but looks like Intel might just win the race this time around.

OEMs other than Asus are also said to be in the race to produce Nexus 8 such as Lenovo, Samsung and LG, but Google will stick to Asus is what we hear.

The rumours for the tablet hit the internet for the first time when Google leaked the device (image above) in a promotion for Android KitKat by mistake. That is all of what is known about the tablet and rest of the details regarding the same are scarce as of now.

Google Nexus 8 will be a worthy successor to the Nexus 7 as the tablet has been upgraded enough and we do not really see a scope for a major overhaul in the same. However, there is no official word at the moment so take it all with a pinch of salt.

Source - Digitimes
Via - Can India

Post by Ritij Khurana