BlackBerry Messenger for Android Gingerbread launched

Back in January, Blackberry had shared the news of the company developing a version of its popular instant messenger, BBM for Android Gingerbread which in technology terms is ancient. But guess what, 21 percent of the Android devices which are in use still run on it so it makes a lot of sense to capture that share as well with the messenger.

BBM for Android Gingerbread

Blackberry has now released BBM for Android Gingerbread and the same has already started seeding. It can be downloaded off the Google Play store. When Blackberry first announced that BBM was coming to Android and iOS, there was a wave of enthusiasm amongst the customers as many just bought Blackberry devices for BBM and missed out on application goodness of the juggernauts of operating systems or they sufficed without it.

So when the instant messenger was first launched, the servers crashed and there was a queue to download the same which showcased that there was clear interest of the masses in the same. And now to expand its reach, the Canadian company has launched it for Android Gingerbread to capture the share of un-tapped market till now.

The users of Android 2.3 won't be able to use some of the features of Android which include BBM Voice Call, BBM channels and Live location tracking but the same might just get addressed in the next update for BBM. However there is no word on that from the company. Blackberry wants to make the most out of BBM and bringing it to Gingerbread is surely a right step.

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