DigiTimes: HTC to manufacture the next-generation Nexus 10 tablet

HTC will once again unite with Google to produce a Nexus device and the device we are talking about will be the next-generation Nexus 10. We had reported a while ago that HTC was in line for producing a Nexus device for Google and the latest reports suggest that the device will be a 10-inch tablet, the Nexus 10 which has always been under-rated when compared to the likes of the Nexus 4/5 smartphones or the Nexus 7 tablet.

Google Nexus 10

As HTC launches the Nexus 10, it will replace Samsung by doing so and at the same time ensure that the other two forerunners, LG and Asus are out of the league. HTC's previous attempts at launching a tablet haven't been really successful and the HTC Flyer and JetStream could not really appeal to the masses and get the sales going. HTC tablets came with Scribe technology which was way ahead of its time back in 2011.

The word on the street is that HTC was Google's first choice for producing the Nexus 7 but the Taiwenese manufacturer turned down the offer regarding the same. The company wouldn't like to make the same mistake this time even if it is for the Nexus 10. Will the tablet be enough to bring back HTC in the tablet game? And most importantly, will it help the company turn around its fortunes and save some losses.