Nokia to launch 2 more Android smartphones this year

Nokia is keen on making it to the top 5 companies in terms of smartphone sales and restore the position it once enjoyed. It has the Lumia series running on Windows Phone 8 taking on the big guns and come MWC, it will launch its first ever Android smartphone, Nokia X/Normandy. But just when we thought that this would be the only Android smartphone ever from the company, it has decided to pull a bunny out of the hat.

Nokia X teaser

Nokia is rumoured to be working on two additional Android smartphones in addition to the Nokia X which will hit the Launchpad later this year. But what is interesting is that the two rumoured devices won't be entry level smartphones but would instead be placed in higher segments. One would be mid-range smartphone (codenamed Nokia XX) and the other one will be a flagship smartphone (codenamed Nokia XXX, which sounds a bit ridiculous).

But we thought that Nokia X was meant to be a flagship one for the Asha series. With Nokia touching higher segments with the Android devices, we are pretty confused about the placement of the Asha series alongside Lumia series in future. But this is still a rumour in its nascent stages so we won't get our hopes too high. But then, the Nokia X was a rumour too once and it is inching closer to realisation.

Seeing the fact Nokia is being bought off by Microsoft we are still unsure as to how will Microsoft take things henceforth with Windows Phone and Android under the same roof. Let us see what Nokia has to showcase at MWC which starts on February 24th i.e. tomorrow and what it has in store for future.