Nexus 5 has a software bug which leads to a high CPU usage during use of camera, next Android release will fix the bug

Google's Nexus 5 is probably the best Android device on sale currently and the same has now witnessed a bug. The developers of Android have been tipped about a bug in the software which usually leads to a high CPU usage during the use of the device's camera. A developer, further contributing to the discussion stated that Google is aware of the same and has the fix ready for the same.

The developer explained that the updated version of Skype makes the application access the camera in a manner which leads to a high CPU usage. What this does is in turn is that it drains the battery faster, the device itself slows down and you cannot access the camera.

The developer further went on to state that the issue wasn't with Skype only but was with other applications as well which used camera courtesy of a specific Android process. He could not tell that as to by when will the update roll out (most likely as Android 4.4.3) but offered restarting the device as a temporary fix and advised users to uninstall Skype for the time being if the same was possible for them.

There is a chance that the issue might exist in other devices which run on KitKat and have the same internals as the Nexus 5 (the Qualcomm imaging chip). The same will up to other OEMs to take up the issue and fix the same.