Samsung's new S Band fitness tracker leaked in detail, launch around the corner

Samsung announced the S Band fitness tracker alongside the Galaxy S4 last year in March (image below), but the same never made its way to the market. But Samsung plans on launching the successor of the same soon as an accessory to the new Galaxy range of devices. It will come without a display and get only sensors which will showcase the tracking on the paired device.

Samsung S Band 2014

Applications such as Activity Tracker and S Health will play companion to the smartband. It will not only keep a track on the calories burnt but will also get an innovative Sleep monitoring feature which will take care of things like duration of sleep, how many times were you restless, woke up and the likes.

It will also provide users with alerts regarding their calls and messages courtesy of vibration and an LED that it features. It will be paired via Bluetooth and will get a slew of interchangeable straps in white, yellow, orange, purple and grey colors.

Its minimalistic design alongside a decent amount of functionality is what makes the device such a nice proposition. It will be compatible with version 3.0 of S Health. Further details regarding the pricing and availability are still under the wraps but seeing the fact that the sales guide is here, the launch would be around the corner too.

Samsung S Band 2014Samsung S Band 2014

Samsung S Band 2013