Screenshot of Google's Android launcher with redesigned app icons leaked, major Android update on its way

Google always follows the tradition of bringing about some tweaks to the looks of the Android operating system with every new version that is released. So far, the tech world is abuzz with rumors that Google is planning to add in many new aspects to the platform along with a series of design changes including Gmail and Calender app. Now, Android Police has claimed that the search engine giant could be offering a face-lift to the app icons in its upcoming major update that could be unleashed at the Google I/O conference in June.

As per the recent rumor, the new style of application icons are termed internally as "Moonshine" and it is nothing but a revamp of the app icons that bear a resemblance to the web icons. Also a leaked screenshot shows the redesigned icons for Play Music, Games, Movies & TV, Books, Calendar, Google+, Photos, Chrome, Maps, People, Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, Play Store and Camera.

For instance, the Play Store icon appears to be of bluish green color instead of the multi-colored icon and Movies seems to be in purple. Also, the Gmail icon now matches more to the web version and the Google+ icon is now circular. The rumor goes on suggesting that this new design language including a flatter appearance is as per Google’s visual guidelines.

While the new icons are pretty identifiable right on the first glance and they look good, there is a major question if Google will definitely make these speculated changes or not. We still have enough time before the debut of Google I/O conference, wherein a major Android update will be announced. It is then that we will get to know if Google will implement these new design changes or feature something else.