Google working on a 7-inch tablet prototype with advanced 3D imaging under Project Tango program

Saturday, May 24, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
As per a new report by Wall Street Journal, search engine giant Google is working on a new tablet featuring ‘advanced vision capabilities’ under the Project Tango. The report suggests that the firm is building 4,000 prototype tablets that are fitted with cameras and sensors that can map the world around them. It is said that the tablet will be launched next month and released soon after, prior to the Google I/O conference to be held at the end of June.

Project Tango smartphone

This new tablet will come with a 7-inch display, two rear cameras with infrared depth sensors and software that can capture accurate 3D images of the surrounding objects. It is said that this tablet is a part of the Project Tango program.

Details regarding the Project Tango starting pouring in from February when the firm announced a 5-inch smartphone prototype that can create 3D map of its surroundings via cameras and infrared sensors. The device used a 4MP camera, an image tracking camera, infrared sensor and combined RGB sensor. These aspects were involved in creating an accurate 3D rendering of the objects around the device.

Google claims that these sensors can be used to improve navigation of those users who are visually challenged as they provide step-by-step directions within buildings along with immersive video games.
This tablet prototype will not be released to the consumers, but it will be meant for the developers as they can create customized apps for such devices.

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