LG QuickCircle case for LG G3 officially announced

Thursday, May 22, 2014

/ by Aman Banka
A week before the official announcement of LG G2 last year, LG unveiled the QuickWindow case for the smartphone. LG has done the same with its upcoming flagship LG G3. LG earlier today has officially announced the QuickCircle case for the LG G3. Unlike traditional rectangular-windowed smartphone cases, LG's QuickCircle case come with a circular window.

LG G3 QuickCircle Case

The QuickCircle case for LG G3 comes in five colour options including Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint and Indian Pink. The case supports wireless charging and protect the side edges of the G3.

According to LG, users can check the time, place calls, send text messages, take photos, listen to music or get an update of their health without ever having to open the QuickCircle cover. It also has Smart Lighting, which emits a soft, white, circular glow inside the window whenever the case is opened/closed or a call/text message is received. (Click the images to enlarge)

LG G3 QuickCircle CaseLG G3 QuickCircle CaseLG G3 QuickCircle CaseLG G3 QuickCircle CaseLG G3 QuickCircle Case

LG has also posted the official promo video of QuickCircle case, embedded below. There is no word on pricing. LG is expected to reveal more details about the case on May 27th, the day when G3 will be official.

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