Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could come with a flexible display, says Samsung executive

Saturday, May 17, 2014

/ by Ritij Khurana
With Samsung Galaxy S5 continuing a successful run globally, everybody is anticipating as to what will Samsung offer on its next phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 4. In an interview with WSJ, Lee Younghee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business has stated that the Korean manufacturer was looking towards the use of a flexible display unit in the upcoming flagship.

Samsung YOUM Prototype

There have been leaks on numerous occasions which have hinted towards the same too. As a word of caution she also mentioned that it was one of the options Samsung was looking towards and it may or may not be incorporated in the final design.

Samsung has already patented a three-sided display device and it is rumoured that the company will use YOUM display technology for the smartphone where the display curves around the edges and can be used to see important notifications. Samsung showcased the prototype of this technology last year in CES. You can see the image of that prototype above.

Even though the Galaxy S5 may have gone on to become a popular device, its design has however been criticised a lot and that lead to resignation of the company’s design head. People are looking towards Samsung with all the anticipation in the world for something innovative and the Note 4 could be the answer to all the criticism bombarding the Korean camp.

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be launched at the IFA 2014 in September at Berlin, Germany.

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