Xiaomi Mi3 getting MIUI KXDMIBF22.0 update in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines

Saturday, August 9, 2014

/ by Aman Banka
Xiaomi Mi3 got the first major update in India last month which brought loads of fixes, additions and optimizations. Now, Xiaomi has started rolling out a new update for Mi3 in India. The update is not only live in India, but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and more countries. The update is rolling out over-the-air.

Xiaomi Mi3

The update weights in at 590MB in size and brings tons of bug fixes and optimizations along with a new 'Resend all' function in Outbox of Mail. You can manually check for the update by going to Updater app in Tool folder or wait for the notification to arrive. 

MIUI KXDMIBF22.0 complete change-log:

  • Optimization - Optimized UI of Notification messages. Support viewing messages by types by pulling down (06-04)
  • Optimization - Optimized UI of Notification messages. Support viewing messages by types by pulling down (06-04)
  • Fix - Homescreen popup window did not show incoming messages' content (05-27)

  • New - Added 'Resend all' function in Outbox (05-28)
  • Optimization - Enhanced speed of batch operation (05-28)
  • Optimization - Exchange account login procedure (05-28)
  • Optimization - There will be a reminder if a mail was not sent out (06-10)
  • Optimization - The add attachment button will always show in the mail composing page (06-10)
  • Fix - Sometimes app would FC when deleting mails by swiping to the left (05-28)
  • Fix - Sometimes there were two back icons at More - Sync options (Mi3 WCDMA/CDMA) (05-28)
  • Fix - Sometimes it would report error when sender box is empty (05-28)
  • Fix - Some POP accounts could not log in (06-03)
  • Fix - Using 'Sort by' in searching results may cause FC (06-03)
  • Fix - Could not send mails by clicking the email address in contact details page (06-03)
  • Fix - Could log into a same account repeatedly (06-10)
  • Fix - Sometimes there were mistakes in folders number counting if there were several accounts (06-10)
  • Fix - Attachments would continue downloading after pressing stop (06-10)
  • Fix - Sometimes could not forward mails with attachments (06-10)
  • Fix - Errors in signature UI after saving a mail as draft (06-10)
  • Fix - App might exit abnormally when editing account name (06-10)
  • Fix - App might FC when setting up Hotmail accounts (06-19)
  • Fix - Inaccurate attachments sizes for IMAP protocol accounts (06-19)
  • Fix - Mistakes in sorting attachments by date (06-19)
  • Fix - For some POP3 protocol accounts, couldn't download an attachment again after deleting it in the attachments management page (06-19)
  • Fix - Sometimes, app would fake freeze when downloading attachments (06-19)
  • Fix - Sometimes, mail content would show as unrecognizable codes (06-19)
  • Fix - yeah.net mails couldn't download attachments (06-19)
  • Fix - Some POP3 accounts might receive mails repeatedly (06-19)
  • Fix - Sometimes, couldn't download images automatically even when connected to WiFi (06-19)

  • Fix - Sometimes, app would stop responding (06-18)
  • Fix - Could not open calendar if not logged into a Xiaomi account (06-10)
  • Fix - Sometimes, app would stop responding (06-18)

If you have already updated your Mi3 to the latest MIUI version, then do let us know your review about the update in the comment section below. To remind you, the next Mi3 sale is scheduled on August 12th, head over to this post for more info.
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