AspectWise Review: Sorting Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets & more made easy

AspectWise Review: Sorting Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets & more made easy

Sunday, July 17, 2016

/ by Aman Banka

Smartphone market is ever-growing. Be it today or tomorrow, in this industry, we see different smartphones being launched in various markets across the globe. Talking specifically about India, every week a new phone is welcomed in the country in varying price segments. Referring HTC for once, couple of months back the Taiwanese manufacturer launched five devices in the country in a day targeting nearly every price bracket.

These many launches and introduction of new companies like LeEco, Zopo, Xiaomi, ZUK, LYF and more, not only fill the smartphone market with unwanted products, rather it also makes we, the buyer's, difficult to select the best one out in the market or say the one that suits our profile.

If we move a step further and select the device that suits our profile, online reviews and prices on different portals surely obfuscate us. Then the last option left is open all portals and scan every review and price and then find the average out of it.

Counting these problems, a newfangled startup named AspectWise has come up online with its own Artificial Intelligence trying to solve the above mentioned hiccups.

AspectWise is an online portal enabling people to make well-informed purchasing decisions by highlighting the good and bad aspects of each gadget based on user reviews. The website uses Artificial Intelligence along with Natural Language Processing and Data Mining to render an abstract view of results with real-time user reviews.

On the design front, we see materialized look with elegant blues. AspectWise offers different category searches including Mobile, Headphone, Speaker, Laptop and Tablet. Each categories are further divided into sub-categories called factors that we aspect for. There's a slider up in front, just above the factors that stores your price range.

The moment you click on "Find the best [Your Category] for Me!" button, the website showcases the list of devices as per your preference with user opinions and ratings on each aspect of a gadget, and also how it compares to other gadgets in the same price range. Do check the search functionality.

Incase you want to see reviews from specific brand or need fixed 4GB RAM on your smartphone, then there's a "Filters" button for more functionality. Clicking on "Aspects" button lists down more factors for accurate results. If anytime you want to change your price range then clicking on "Price" button allows you to do so.

The devices listed display ranking, price, key specifications, ratings, review count and brief user reviews. The prices listed on AspectWise are from Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal, depending where the device is available for purchase. For instant buy, you see a Buy button on left sidebar, this surely saves plenty of time. For now, let's see how Honor 7 product page looks like.

Clicking on specific product opens a new page which details that device. The best part of AspectWise is its Review tab, which automatically sorts reviews from above mentioned e-commerce portals and arranges them as per available factors. You can quickly go through user comments about specific aspects that concern you, instead of reading through full length reviews.

AspectWise also features a section called "Bests", where you can find best devices list hassle free. Some of them include "Best Mobiles", "Best Mobiles for Heavy Users", "Best Android Phones for Camera and Selfies" and quite some more, all depends on the category you select.

Although AspectWise is a great startup, everything needs advancements as time passes by. We would recommend developers to add some more features like video reviews, improve listing design and make things easier to surf. You won't find the same results for the same search on competitor portals.

With so many functionality and powerful Intelligence system, AspectWise really proves to stand-out of competition. So, the next time you are planning to buy a phone make sure you check AspectWise first.

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