Samsung Galaxy S4 Officially Announced, packs 5-inch Full HD Display, 8-Core CPU and More

Saturday, March 16, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
After a Long Wait, at last, "Samsung Galaxy S4" is Here. Yesterday Morning [ Acc. to IST ], Samsung showed off the Galaxy S4 at NYC. Samsung was busy these weeks for the preparation of the Biggest Launch of the Year. The Event was live in New York City at Radio Music City Hall. There, Samsung Unveiled the "Life Companion" "Samsung Galaxy S4".

Samsung Galaxy S4

This Smartphones Packs a Lots of New Stuffs, which we liked a lot. The Smartphones is made up of same Plastic Body but this time it has some different plastic used. Samsung Comment's that, "We use Plastic because its Cheap & it can be Manufactured Easily". Don't know for what reason they Love Plastic So Much.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Banner

This New Year, Brought the Best Smartphones from best Companies like Sony introduced the First Flagship  Phone "Xperia Z" & "Xperia ZL", from their side whereas this Sony Flagship was the First Smartphone of this year. Later HTC announced its First Flagship "HTC ONE" in a Private event. Both Smartphones are made of dissimilar Item. Xperia Z is made up of Glass whereas HTC One is made up of aluminium. But as Usual Samsung Made the Galaxy S4 with Plastic Material.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black MistSamsung Galaxy S4 Black MistSamsung Galaxy S4 Black MistSamsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist

Leaving that Plastic aside, Samsung has also kept the Shape of the Galaxy S4 similar to Galaxy S3, which was the Best Selling Smartphone of 2012. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit narrow & has some dots shaped creativity on it. This makes the Smartphone look awesome. Being a 5-inch Smartphone, Samsung took care of Handling & has Rounded Corners, but still some of them can have problem in handling the Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 White FrostSamsung Galaxy S4 White FrostSamsung Galaxy S4 White FrostSamsung Galaxy S4 White Frost

Before is the List Of All the Features of Samsung Galaxy S4. This will help you to know the main Points. No need to read the Full Para's or Full Post.

Specs & Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 -

  • Display - 
    • Stunning 5-inch New Super AMOLED HD Screen
    • Density - 441 PPI.
    • Resolution - 1920x1080p
    • Dimensions - 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm
    • Weigh - 130g
    • Class Type - Gorilla Glass 3 For the First Time on a Smartphone
    • Features - It works even when Gloves are On. This seems Awesome..
  • Processor - Depending on the Market..
    • 1.9GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 / 
    • 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa 8-Core
    • Graphic - PowerVR SGX 544MP3 & Andreo 320
  • Android OS - 
    • Latest 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
    • "Totally New & Upgraded User Experience"
    • New TouchWiz & Lock Screen too.
  • Camera - 
    • Rear - 13MP
    • Front - 2MP
    • Features - 
      • Can Shoot Videos & Pictures with Both Cameras at Same Time [ Dual-Camera ]
      • Dual Video Call
      • Cinema Photo
      • Eraser
      • Rich Tone (HDR)
      • Drama
      • Sound & Shot
      • Best Face
      • Best Photo
      • Beauty Face
      • Night
      • Sports
      • Panorama
  • Storage - 
    • Available in 16GB/32GB/64GB Models.
    • Expandable to 128GB..that means, 64GB microSD Card Supported
  • Battery -
    • 2600mAh
    • Removable Battery
  • Colors - 
    • Black Mist
    • White Frost
  • Connectivity - 
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • 4G LTE Support (up to 100/50mbps)
    • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Support
    • IR LED
    • MHL 2.0
    • HSPA+
    • NFC
    • Infra-red
  • Additional Features - 
    • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
    • Smart Pause
    • Smart Scroll
    • Smart Touch [ Air Gestures ]
    • S Translator
    • S-Voice Drive
    • Optical Reader
    • Samsung Watch-On
    • Samsung Hub
    • Group Play
    • Share Music
    • S Health
    • Samsung Knox
    • Samsung Home Sync
  • Accessories -
    • S Band - Keeps Track of Daily Activities
    • S View Cover - Smart Innovation of Flip Cover
    • Game Pad - Easy-to-use. Easy-to-play on-the-go.
    • Wireless Charging Pad / Cover - Cordless Charging Solution
    • Flip Cover - Uniquely designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4
    • Pouch - The Classic Premium Pouch
    • Protective Cover+ - Complete Protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4
    • Headset - Premium Hi-Fi Sound Experience
    • Extra Battery Kit - When Charging is not an Option
    • HRM - The Effective running coach
    • Body Scale - Keep Track of your Health

Samsung has packed Lots & Lots of Great Smart features on Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 comes with a Stunning 5-inch Full Super AMOLED HD Display, having a density of 441PPI. The Resolutions are 1920x1080p. The Dimension of Galaxy S4 are 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm & weighs only 130g. The Smartphone has The Worlds First Gorilla Glass 3 Protection on it. This is 3-4 Times more Stronger than other Gorilla Glasses.

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 will have different Processors for Different Carriers. It packs 1.9GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor for US Variants while the rest International Variants may have the 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa 8-Core Processor on it.

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

This is the First Smartphone to have a Eight-Core Processor & many of them will be thinking that what actually the Eight-Core Processor Mean. The Eight-Core Processor will actually have two types of cores on it. The Phone will use Four Core at a time.

"Four cores are powered by ARM's A15 architecture. These are high-performance cores and run at 1.6GHz. The remaining four cores use A7 architecture. These are cores with extremely good power efficiency and run at 1.2GHz. Galaxy S4 will use A7 cores while handling light work. For example, if you are making a call, the phone is likely to be powered by A7 cores. But if you are playing a demanding 3D game, it will switch off A7 cores and use A15 cores. At no point of time, the phone will use all eight cores simultaneously." - Credits TOI

Coming to the Android OS, Samsung has filled S4 with Latest Android OS "Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean". This Latest Version has a Totally New & Upgraded User Experience. Samsung has also revamped the Old TouchWiz & Old LockScreen. This New TouchWiz Seems to Awesome & also the lockscreen is Great. Samsung has also made many new Accessories for this Smartphone. The List is Above & the Images are below.

Galaxy S4 features 13MP Rear Camera & has 2MP Front Camera. The Best feature added in this Smartphone is the Dual-Camera Mode. Where you can actually use Both the Camera at Same time for Either taking a Picture or Recording a Video. This Dual-Camera Mode can be also used on ChatOn. The Camera is also packed with many new features, which they added in Galaxy S4 from Galaxy Camera. It has different modes like, Cinema Photo, Eraser, Rich Tone (HDR), Drama, Sound & Shot, Best Face, Best Photo, Beauty Face, Night, Sports & Panorama. Below is full description of each Camera Feature.

Description of S4 Camera Features -

  • Cinema Photo -
    • Creates a picture in which a few selected objects move by freezing or animating objects detected by the phone.
  • Eraser -
    • Save the best picture after erasing moving objects from 5 Consecutive pictures.
  • Rich Tone (HDR) -

  • Drama -
    • Takes a series of a moving object and merge them into one picture.
  • Sound & Shot -
    • Enrich Pictures by adding background sounds for few seconds.
  • Best Face -
    • Selects the best Pictures of each person from 5 consecutive pictures to get the best merged group picture.
  • Best Photo -
    • Takes a series of pictures and then select the best to save.
  • Beauty Face -
    • Corrects facial imperfections automatically when taking portrait pictures.
  • Night -
    • Gets brighter clearer pictures in low light without the flash.
  • Sports -
    • Take pictures of Fast Movement.
  • Panorama -
    • Takes pictures in either a horizontal or vertical directions to create a linear panorama.

Next Comes the Storage. Samsung has made 3 Models with Different Storage Capacity, 16GB Model, 32GB Model & 64GB Model. Samsung is offering a great 64GB microSD Card Support, which when inserted can add 64GB to your Initial Memory. This will help to Store Tons of Images, Videos, Apps, Movies & more. Also, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S4 in Two Colors, Black Mist & White Frost.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Battery Power which Samsung is Offering is of 2600mAh which seems to be Good for the AMOLED Screen Display. The Battery is Removable. Acc. to TechDroid if the Smartphone features Removable Battery then the Owner have great advantage. Like They can carry a Backup Battery also & can change the Battery whenever they Need. Unfortunately you can't keep Battery Backup, if your Battery is Not Removable.

The Connectivity series of Samsung Galaxy S4 includes Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE Support (up to 100mbps Download & 50mbps Upload Speed), it has 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Support, IR Blaster, MHL 2.0 (HDMI), Infra-red, NFC & HSPA+.

Additional Features include Smart Features, where first comes the Smart Pause Feature, in which if you are playing a Video & suddenly you move your face out of the phone, this feature will stop the Video until you look back. This is the New Feature from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

Next is the Smart Scroll Feature, in this, as the name defines "Scroll" this feature will help you Scroll the Page automatically. You can have different options for Scrolling like, you can scroll the page by just swiping your hand above the screen or else you can tilt the Smartphone to Scroll the Page. This Feature has many more options in it.

Then comes the Smart Touch Feature. This Smart Touch is renamed & actually is "Air Gesture" or you can say "Floating Touch". This will help you to read the Messages, Check Images & do many more things using this feature, without touching the Screen. Just hover your finger above the screen to use this Feature. It also feature S Translator which supports 9 Languages. This will help to Translate any content in those Languages. Next is the S-Voice Drive. This will command you while Driving. More Info Coming Soon. Samsung has also added Samsung Knox & Samsung Home Sync Feature in this Smartphone. We don't have much info about these features, but we will update the post, as soon as we get are with new info.

Samsung has done a lot of work for making this Smartphone the Best, but unfortunately it is not getting that attention. The reason is because of same Plastic Body & Same Design. But Still TechDroid Loved the features of this Smartphone. The Smart Features are Seriously Awesome.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Color Choice

Their is no word about the pricing but, it seems that Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost above $650 [ Rs. 35k + ]. Also, the Pre-order have started for US any many other Carriers. Make sure you check out those Carriers site Regularly. Samsung Galaxy S4 will be rolled-out in 155 different countries and a total of 327 carries.

Don't forget about the Accessories which Samsung has specially made for Samsung Galaxy S4. All these Accessories are very helpful. Below are the images of those Accessories Look. 
Thanks to IntoMobile for some Images. Rest Images are Copyrighted to Samsung. Last But not the Least, you can have the "Samsung Unpacked 2013 Livestream" & some more Video below which will help you know more about Galaxy S4 features.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S BandSamsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

Samsung Galaxy S4 Game PadSamsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad / Cover

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip CoverSamsung Galaxy S4 Pouch

Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Cover+Samsung Galaxy S4 Headset

Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery KitSamsung Galaxy S4 HRM

Samsung Galaxy S4 Body ScaleSamsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Are you happy with Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you Planning to Buy this Smartphone?

Make sure you comment below your reviews or any query about this Smartphone. Feel Free to Comment.
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