First live images of Android 4.4 KitKat running on Nexus 4 leaked, shows revamped messaging app, dialler and status bar with flatter app icons

After so many leaks of Nexus 5, the first live images of Android 4.4 KitKat running on Nexus 4 has been leaked online. These images were sent to Android Police by a tipster, and according to AP, they aren't a real deal. But according to us these images are indeed full proof real due to the kernel version and build number, still it's better to wait for official Google announcement, before making any decision on how KitKat looks on Android.

Android 4.4 on Nexus 4

According to these new leaked images, Google is not doing any major changes on UI of Android, but there are few tweaks which have been done on the dialler and messaging app, along with status bar and app icons.

As we can see in the pictures, it is clearly noticeable that KitKat will bring flatter icons with it rather than hard icons as on the current one. The Play Music app icon looks similar to its current design, but rest other icons are significantly flatter. The Chrome icon is totally flattened out, the messaging icon is totally revamped and the phone icon has deep shadows with it, which makes it look more real. The handouts and settings icon are also flattered.

Android 4.4 on Nexus 4

Coming to the status bar, we can see the KitKat debug icon on the left top corner, which consists of four barks with a 'K' written on it. This debug icon is totally different from the debug icon we saw yesterday. That icon showed a piece of Android Key Lime Pie, and this one shows four KitKat bars with a 'K' on them. Remembering that Google was keeping things under wraps with regard to the KitKat naming, the new leaked debug icon matches more with the name and looks real.

Android 4.4 on Nexus 4

Android 4.4 on Nexus 4

Android 4.4 on Nexus 4

It can also be noticed that, the signal, WiFi and battery icon colours matches with the wallpaper (when on the home screen), but changes to white when switched to any app. Also, in the dialler app, the nav bar is totally black and the status bar has blue background to match the app's own palette. Whereas, In the messaging app, the nav bar is translucent and the status bar is opaque green to match the rest of the app.

The dialler of Android KitKat looks much better than the current one, to be frank. The search icon at left bottom is now bolder and call button is placed inside a blue circle which looks awesome. Speaking about the messaging app, the one and only Mr. Jingles makes a appearance in the Messaging app in the alleged 4.4 photos. Mr. Jingles can be found on G+ Notifications.

Android 4.4 on Nexus 4Android 4.4 on Nexus 4Android 4.4 on Nexus 4

Last but not the least, these images also include a snap of About Phone of the device which shows, Model Number as Nexus 4, Android version as 4.4, Baseband version as M9615A-CEFWMAZM-2.0.1700.94, Kernel version date as Fri August 30th and build number as KWS62B.

Nowadays, the images can easily be photoshoped, so it's better to take this news and images as a pinch of salt, until and unless we find some concrete strong source leaking the same. Google is expected to launch Android 4.4 KitKat next month along with Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 2013.