Samsung to ditch its customizations to promote Android

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone vendor and Google’s mobile operating system, Android has the biggest share of pie in the smartphone arena. Needless to say the two have a pretty well knit relationship as both are equal partners in their respective stories. However, the relationship is all set to go to the next level as Samsung plans on reducing its customisations in the software department.


Samsung and Google seem to have undergone a major change in their relationship in the past few weeks and the CES will play host to the future of the same. Samsung’s recently introduced Magazine UI which made a debut on the Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro series with the same expected to form the basis of the next generation of smartphones from the company.

However the same is pretty different from what Google envisions for Android and it has been exerting pressure on Samsung to take back those customisations. Samsung is believed to working on either altering the Magazine UX to come in sync with Google or it might just dump it altogether. Samsung usually fills up its devices with a slew of its services like providing games, music, books and the likes and it somewhere hampers Google services.

So the future UX is expected to be more inclined towards promoting Google’s services rather than those of Samsung. The rumours also suggest that Google might discontinue its Nexus range in 2015 and it is then that Samsung will surely have a key role to play because it has the Google Play Edition card in its armoury. With Samsung all set to be on Google’s vision for Android, the customer will benefit from a better UX and integration rather than a lot of malware.