Screenshot of updated Android dialer app accidentally tweeted by Google Nexus

Google has been surfacing in rumors since quite sometime for revamping many of its applications. Today, the search engine giant is back in the headlines for revealing a screenshot of its dialer app that looks different from the one present on Android KitKat. This screenshot has been tweeted from the @GoogleNexus Twitter account.


From the leaked screenshot, it is evident that the dialer app has a new fresh blue shade scheme with an all new action bar featuring a new blue business image. Though it doesn't seem to be a major change, from the existing grey color scheme that is available on Android 4.4 KitKat, but it is on par with the earlier leaked designs.

Early this month, few screenshots have been leaked showing the revamped Calendar, Gmail and Google+ apps along with revamped Android launcher app icons.

However, there is no clear picture on when the updated Android dialer app will be launched or what its final design could be. But, it can be assumed that the app will be revealed for the upcoming version of Android that will be announced at the Google I/O conference scheduled to happen in June.

Updated Android dialer app