Samsung to launch foldable display smartphone in 2015, to reduce smartphone line-up

The concept of flexible displays has been evolving all over the tech world for quite sometime, but we have seen such displays making their way on smartphones only recently. For instance, the LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Round boast flexible displays onboard. With this first phase already in existence on smartphones, the next one is the incorporation of displays that can be folded in half.


As per a senior Samsung executive, smartphones with bendable displays will arrive in the next year. Notably, the details regarding the finished product are not disclosed, but we can expect it to be a limited edition model such as the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung Display appears to be all set to produce such panels and it claims to have the capacity of producing 30,000 to 40,000 bendable panels per month by the end of 2015. Eventually, the competitors of Samsung Display do not have such flexible display production capacity till 2016 and the subsidiary of the South Korean tech giant can take the advantage of making the maximum bendable displays by the next year.

In a related report, Samsung’s Head of Investor Relations, Robert Yi stated that the vendor is planning to cut down on the number of smartphones it will be launching next year. Samsung has been experiencing a decline in profits with a steep 49 percent drop in the third quarter of this year and by trimming its smartphone portfolio, it can cut down the costs to some extent.

According to the executive, Samsung will be cutting down its portfolio by 25 to 30 percent in the next year. However, the specific models that will be eliminated in this process were not revealed.

After Samsung, Sony has also revealed that it will reduce the number of Xperia smartphones line-up launching next year to cut costs. Sony is also rumoured to release only one flagship device every year from next year and that the company won't renew the FIFA sponsorship contract in 2015, in order to save money.