Samsung teasing a new wearable device on Twitter, could announce at CES 2014; Galaxy Gear 2 & Galaxy Band rumoured for MWC announcement

Samsung announced its first wearable device, the Galaxy Gear last year in September at IFA. Weeks after the announcement, the Korean company was reported to launch the next-generation Gear at CES 2014 or at MWC 2014. Later on, in November 2013, news came revealing that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Gear 2 alongside Galaxy S5. Now, according to the words in Samsung's blog post, it is possible to see a new wearable device appear at CES next week. 

The same was teased by Samsung Mobile UK on Twitter yesterday. Also, in related, according to The Korean Herald, Samsung might unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Band at Mobile World Congress in February.


Starting first with the blog post, Samsung has discussed general things regarding the upcoming trade fair, about what we can expect from the company at Consumer Electronic Show 2014.

The post also contains a paragraph titled Samsung at CES 2014, which reminds us that Samsung introduced its Galaxy Gear smartwatch three months ago, then goes on to say how the "smart home" & wearable device market is on the rise, further noting that "at CES 2014, we can expect some innovative products to use in the future."

Now, we can only think that Samsung could announce the rumoured Galaxy Gear 2 next week at CES. In addition, Samsung Mobile UK has posted an image on Twitter showing the Galaxy Gear on the left and an empty space on the right with a "What next?" question below it, alongside the question "What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?". 

As per the tweet, it looks more and more that a new Galaxy Gear is coming soon, or a new wearable product that becomes a companion to Samsung devices, like Galaxy Band or the rumoured Gear Glass.

Lastly, according to The Korean Herald report, it's a high possibility to see Samsung bring the Galaxy Gear 2 under spotlight at MWC. Also, Lee Seung-woo, an analyst at IBK Securities said, "Samsung is currently working on the Galaxy Gear 2, and the product will be surely released early this year."

The company is also reported to launch a health and fitness wristband soon. Dubbed as Galaxy Band, the device can monitor physical conditions, such as pulse and blood pressure. Not much details are know about Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Band at this time.

Consumer Electronic Show 2014 debuts early next week (from 7th January), so we will see then if a new Galaxy Gear or a new wearable technology is coming or not. Till then, stay tuned and keep following TechDroid.

Via - PhoneArena (1, 2) and SamMobile