Samsung Galaxy S3 will indeed get the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update, Galaxy Grand 2 and Note 2 already included

We reported in detail when Samsung had announced its list of devices getting Android 4.4 KitKat update but the same aroused a wave of strong reactions from the consumers as it skipped some devices which should have got the update. The Galaxy S3 was one of the main devices that was skipped from the list but a leaked document has suggested that the device will indeed be getting the update next month.

Android 4.4 KitKat

A leaked document from an insider at Samsung also has details about the KitKat roll out for the Galaxy Grand 2 and Galaxy Note 2 as well alongside that of the Galaxy S3. It lists that the device will get an upgrade in the time frame of April-May. It suggests that the update will be rolled out once the Galaxy S5 becomes available for sale globally.

The document might be a fake one as well so we suggest that you take this bit of news with a pinch of salt. Why we think that the document might be a fake one is the fact that it has the model number SM-N7100 instead of GT-N7100. On the flipside, the document might just be real and the spelling error in the model number might just be an honest mistake.

Samsung's devices have been popular because of the fact that Samsung regularly updates its devices and the S3 not getting the KitKat update was something that was not in congruence with that. We wish that the document indeed is real and the S3 gets an update in future and Samsung lives up to its reputation of being a brand that regularly updates it devices.

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