1st March, 2013 - Monthly Roundup [ February ]

Friday, March 1, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Hello Folks, this is Aman giving you a small roundup of all the events & top news of Last Month. TechDroid was formed on 27th January & it was Live on social media & google search from 2nd February. We had a great experience in this 1 Month of journey. We confess that for first 2 week or more we copied all the posts from Many sites & just edited a bit for making it look great. But now we have Just Stoped COPYING posts from other sites & all the info on each posts are written by Us.


Coming to the Roundup, I posted one news on last Wednesday that, we will start some new posts & many new activities on the Site to get your attention & help you all with the News. We will be giving 3 Roundup posts per Month.

First post will be Published on 1st of Each Month, were you will get the Roundup of the Previous Month. Next Roundup will be posts on 15th of Each Month, in this Roundup Post we will give info about all the Hot News, Shares, Launch & many more info about what we shared in past 15 days and then the last post will be Posted on 30th of each month, were you will get info of all activities from last 15 Days.

Not only that we will start a Poll Service soon, where we will ask some simple Question & you will be asked to Vote. Not sure when we will start, but it will surely come. Next we will post about Top 5/10/15/20 Phones under Rs. 5K/10K/15K/20K & more once in a Week. So you will get more Idea on which smartphone you can buy under your budget.

So, below is the list of News that made February a SmartMonth of the Year till Now. Just click the Titles or Images for viewing that post.

1st Week [ 1st Feb - 7th Feb ] -

2nd Week [ 8th Feb - 14th Feb ] - 

3rd Week [ 15th Feb - 21st Feb ] -

4th Week [ 22nd Feb - 28th Feb ] -

We wish you All Liked this Roundup & it Helped you all to recover the last month memory. We will be back with another Awesome Roundup on 15th Feb, till then Share the post & Like Us on FaceBook, Follow on Twitter & Circle us on Google+.
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